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Prenuptial is not a dirty word; it is an essential document for both parties entering into a successful marriage. Even if you did not sign an agreement before your marriage, The Law Offices of Kennedy & Jackson can help you create an effective postnuptial agreement so that you can develop a successful estate plan. Contact us today to schedule a free initial consultation to discuss marital planning options.

Texas is a community property state. As a result, unique forms of property ownership can arise within a marriage. Without careful and proper planning, these unique ownerships can have significant estate tax consequences and cause many other complications. These complications are not indicative of your love for your spouse or trust for your spouse’s decisions. Rather, these agreements, like your marriage, represent the culmination of financial consideration and smart planning.


Successful premarital planning can lay the groundwork for a strong financial foundation upon which an enduring marriage can be built. A spouse married to a doctor may want a prenuptial agreement to ensure that a malpractice suit does not deprive the family of important financial resources. An aging couple may want a postnuptial asset division plan to convert their community property into separate property in order to minimize their estate tax exposure. Other couples simply use these tools in lieu of other estate planning tools. Premarital plans arise from intelligent and caring decisions, and are not merely self-serving documents.

Discussing premarital planning and postnuptial agreements with your spouse can be a difficult task. With our help, you can effectively and successfully address the topic and begin building to structure a plan to ensure the continued success of your family. Contact us today.

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