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Our real estate practice is closely connected with our estate planning and business succession practices. Many of our planning strategies involve the transfer and acquisition of real property. As a result, we have extensive experience working with clients who are buying and selling real estate. Contact us to schedule a free initial consultation.

Many real estate lawyers can structure real estate financing or draft a buy-sell agreement, but at The Law Offices of Kennedy & Jackson, we focus on structuring real estate transactions in a manner that serves the long-term goals of our clients. If you are interested in making investment properties part of your retirement plan or estate plan, contact us today.

One of the most common tools we use in estate planning is a real estate trust. A real estate trust, or RET, is designed to protect property interests and transfer them upon a death or another specified event. In Texas, a community property state, it is essential that property owners understand that owning land outright can result in unintended transfers after death. With a real estate trust, these transfers can be avoided and your intentions can be fully realized.


Asset protection is another important reason for creating a real estate trust, or transferring property to another entity including a family partnership or corporation. When you own property outright, that property can be seized by your creditors. Whether you owe money on credit cards, were late on mortgage payments, owe medical bills, or have a judgment issued against you, your property could be at risk. By creating effective trusts and properly transferring ownership, we can make sure that your assets are protected and your property will not be taken.

Business real estate agreements are frequently involved in corporate transfers, company formation and other business transactions. While keeping your other interests in mind, we can help you effectively structure a business real estate agreement. Our attorneys have been helping clients with such transactions for several decades and would like to put their experience to work for you. Contact us today regarding all of your real estate needs.

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